Monday, December 31, 2007

Karaoke Anyone?

I just had to post this video of Samuel and Cameron singing karaoke on Christmas day. They were singing from the High School Musical game but then they switched to a different game. I didn't get any video of their first songs. I thought that they were hilarious doing That's Amore. They had a fun time and we enjoyed their performance!! I hope you enjoy the show!


Meghan said...

This is awesome! You must preserve it for future girlfriends and wives - especially for Cameron. Love it!

DanandEmma said...

That's hilarious!

azraders said...

I happened to stumble upon your blog from an old e-mail. I was looking at these cute dudes singing "that's amore" and I couldn't help but to grab Wendy and tell her that the cute curly headed dude was the the guy that you and I betrothed to each other when they were both 3 yrs old. (I could tell she was enamored by him.) j/k
Call some time! Diana