Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Wait Is Finally Over...

Since the other kids started back to school a few weeks ago, Kendall has been anxiously waiting for pre-school to start. It finally started today!! We are so excited!! He is going to school at one of the elementary schools in our district that has an Integrated Co-op Preschool. There are only 7 in the class 2 of which are special needs. I am really looking forward to this opportunity he has. Pre-school is held twice a week, and on Friday we are going on our first Field Trip. Kendall is so happy to be back in pre-school with Olivia, they greeted each other with a hug, I just didn't get my camera out quick enough to snap a picture.
Now that I have more free time on my hands (for a little while at least), what should I do with my time? Nap? Nah, I think I will be doing a lot of shopping, since it has been 11 yrs since I've had a Baby Girl. Shelby's old baby clothes might need to be traded in for some newer ones. We'll see, I am sure that I have a lot more to do before February, like clean out Samuel's room and make room for a crib.