Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More of Cameron!!

This past week was a busy one for Cameron. We had a surprise party for him on his birthday with the young men and young women of our ward. He and Samuel had the premiere of the movie they were in at school. He had his final regular season game. He had his First Date! and he was ordained to the office of Priest at church.

1) First the party. He had no idea that we were planning on surprising him. The young men didn't know that we (the young women) were coming to crash their movie night at one of their leaders homes. We showed up with cake, ice cream, and soda. It turned out great! Cameron was very surprised!

2) Movie premiere. The Out Crowd movie had its premiere at Branham High School. The boys both had parts in the movie. If you want to see it you can check it out on youtube. Just do a search for THE OUT CROWD: PART ONE parts 2&3 will be on the side. Or you can wait and watch the DVD with us when we get it. (caution: contains language and suggestive themes, may not be suitable for young children) It isn't rated but Cameron gives it a PG-13 , although we let Shelby go and see it with her brothers.

3) Cameron loves lacrosse. He plays on a club team called the Chiefs. His final game of the season was on Saturday. His team made it to the playoffs. It has been a little frustrating for Cameron because most of his games have been on Sundays, and since he doesn't play in those games his coach hasn't given him a lot of playing time in the Saturday games. I am proud of him though for keeping Sunday a day of rest, and being an example to his family.

4) First Date. Saturday night was the Mormon Prom ( an alternative to High School Proms) Cameron asked a girl from our ward to go with him. He was very nervous. He was happy that she accepted. The dance was in Los Gatos at one of our church bldgs. Dinner was served, they had live entertainment from San Jose City Opera and then there was dancing. All that for just $5.00 a person, plus pictures. Cameron and Brenna had a great time and they looked so beautiful and handsome all dressed up. Samuel was the chauffeur for the evening.

5) Newest Priest in the ward. Sunday was a very special day for our family. Cameron was ordained a Priest. We had several family members come and share his special day with us. After church we had them all back to our house for a BBQ lunch. It was delicious! It was fun having family over, we love having our families live close by so that we can get together for such special occasions. And this was definitely a special occasion, We love you Cameron.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Pics of Cameron

Happy Birthday Cameron!!

Cameron is 16 today! It doesn't seem possible to me, but it's true! We are so blessed to have Cameron in our family. I had Cameron 2 weeks early. My doctor thought that I was measuring too small for how far along I was so we had an ultrasound done. The results of the ultrasound showed that I was losing amniotic fluid, so they scheduled me to be induced. We went to the Hospital for a non-stress test everything seemed fine so we went back the next morning. I was hooked-up to Pitocin and then we waited. We waited what seemed like forever. My body just doesn't work right when it comes to the whole labor thing. I take forever to dilate. After having 24 hrs of labor and then a C-section with Samuel I was a little nervous that it was happening all over again with Cameron. Well, I guess I finally started to make some progress, the doctor came in and broke my water (which by the way I had plenty of) , I was given an epidural, I slept a little bit and then they woke me up and said it was time to start pushing. I think I only pushed for about 20 min. and he was out. Now for the reason that he is such a blessing to be with us, He was born with 2 knots in his cord. The doctor was a little surprised to see one, but two. He said that Cameron might not have made it if we waited those 2 weeks. I am so thankful for Cameron, and for an Ultrasound that was wrong. We love having Cameron in our family. He has such a fun sense of humor, he loves being close to cousins so that he can hang out with them. He looks up to his Dad. He loves being with friends. He loves to tease Shelby, play with Kendall and pick on Samuel. But most of all he loves his family very much, He is sensitive to their feelings. I am so proud of him. He adds so much joy and laughter and sometimes tears (happy ones) to our family. Happy Birthday Cameron!! We Love You!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Biography Day

This past week in Shelby's 5th grade class the students presented speeches on important historical figures before 1880. When Shelby got the assignment last month, I was surprised that she wanted to do her project on Joseph Smith. We found a book at the Beehive Bookstore that was an easy read for a fifth grader, in fact it is a great book that we have now added to our own family library. For the assignment the students had to write a speech and then present the speech dressed as their person. They had to have at least one prop. Shelby brought a Book of Mormon and we printed out pictures from our family trip to the Smith Family farm and Sacred Grove. The Church website had a picture of Carthage Jail w/a statue of Joseph and Hyrum that we also used. This was a fun project for Shelby to work on. She really liked reading her book and learning more about Joseph Smith. I am proud of her for choosing such a Great Historical Figure who did so much for us, like it says in the Doctrine & Covenants: "Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Seer of the Lord, has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of man that ever lived in it." (D&C 135:3)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Break

This week the kids have been home for Spring Break. Samuel spent the first part of the week skiing in Tahoe with a friend from school. While he was off having fun in the snow, Cameron, Shelby, Kendall and I went to Happy Hollow Park/Zoo and to the Children's Discovery Museum with our friends, the Earls. Cameron was a good sport going along with us to these places that are obviously geared to little kids. He never complained once! He even had fun going on the big slide in the crooked house with Olivia and Kendall, who were both a little nervous about going down alone at first. I took a lot of pictures of our exciting adventures and put them on a slide show, so if you feel up to it check it out.

Spring Break