Monday, September 28, 2009

Homecoming 2009

My son the Homecoming King Nominee! Cameron was excited to be on the Homecoming Court. He acted like it was an embarrassing thing to be nominated but I could tell he was happy about it. After all this was something that Samuel had never been before. At the game Friday night, the King and Queen candidates were escorted by a parent of their choice, during halftime. I was the lucky one that he chose. The kids were each given a box with a rose in it. They were told to wait until everyone had their box and the announcer would have them open them all together. The ones with the white rose were the King and Queen of Branham High 2009.

This is the medal that the Homecoming King candidates were given. The picture is very blurry, but you can see that it says King. The other words are: homecoming candidate. He wore it proudly.
Saturday night was the dance. The kids met at our house for pictures and then they went to BJ's for dinner and then off to the dance.He had fun all week participating in the Homecoming activities. We are proud of Cameron for the fun and positive attitude he had all week leading up to the announcing of King and Queen. He never felt like he was going to win, and he was totally okay with that, but he was happy to be the runner up.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Are In Trouble Now!!

Kaelyn only started crawling last month just before she was 7 months. That wasn't good enough for her. She wants to keep up with the rest of us.

So now, she is pulling herself up anywhere and everywhere she can! She will be walking by Christmas for sure, maybe sooner. Samuel was an early walker, I guess she wants to be like her big brother:)If you ask me, she is growing way to fast! Why do they have to grow up so fast? I want to keep my baby, a baby, just a little bit longer :(

Monday, September 21, 2009

Samuel is off to Paraguay!!!

Today Samuel is on his way to Paraguay. I am super excited but the mother in me is nervous. I can't help but to worry about him getting there safely. I just got interrupted while writing this post . Samuel just called from the Salt Lake airport! Of course, I started crying, but I composed myself pretty quickly! He sounds great, he is anxious to get there! There are 19 of them flying to Paraguay together. I guess I can stop worrying now. He said that the pay phones weren't being cooperative, but there was a Ward Mission Leader there so he let Samuel use his phone to call home (thanks Bro. Smith). He has a lay over in Texas and from there he flies to
Argentina and then to Paraguay. He said that he will call back when he gets to Texas:)
These are just a few of the pictures Samuel has sent home so far. I am hoping that he sends pictures often so that i can post them. Study time

Taking a pic of himself in the mirror

Elders Ison, Batistich, Wright and Lau

I am so happy that I got to talk to Samuel today:) I thought this might be an emotional day for me with him actually leaving the country today. It really helped to be able to hear his voice. I am so Proud of him. He is going to be a great missionary! I look forward to getting his emails and hearing about the missionary work and how his Spanish is improving, and how his Love of the Gospel is helping to bring others unto Christ.