Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Shelby!!!

I can't believe that Shelby is turning 11 today. It has been so much fun having a little girl in our family. She isn't so little any more, she is growing into such a beautiful young lady. When I found out that I was pregnant with a girl I was so excited! Don't get me wrong, I love my boy's, but I wanted a little girl so badly. She was so much fun to dress up! She was also my easiest pregnancy. I was never sick with her and my labor and delivery were shorter and easier by far compared to the boy's. We love our Shelby and are so happy to have her in our family. We will be having her birthday party this afternoon, so I will post pictures of that later. Happy Birthday Shelby, we love you!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Plumbing Woes!!!

So, a week ago I called the Plumber. We had been hearing water running that sounded like it was coming from the refrigerator. When he went under the house we found a nice flood going on. He was able to do a temporary fix for the night and then came back Saturday morning to start the clean-up process. He found one big leak that was caused by the refrigerator water line that was apparently hooked up wrong, and it caused several other smaller leaks. The old galvanized pipes were a mess, and only getting worse. We decided to go ahead and have the house re-piped with copper. We knew we would have to eventually, we just hadn't planned on doing it this soon. After the crawl space was all dried out the Plumbers came back on Monday to start our re-pipe. A couple of years ago we had remodeled the bathroom's upstairs and the plumber we hired said he would change out our pipes to copper then. Well. when our plumbers on Monday started getting into their work they found that the previous guy didn't do everything we apparently paid him for. So, long story short we had plumbers here thru Friday evening. We had water at night in the downstairs bathroom & one working shower, but during the day nothing. Thank goodness we live across the street from the park with Restrooms. Kendall thought it was fun to go Pee at the Park. Lesson to all, if you hear water running check it out before it is too late and you have a flood. I guess these are the joys of home ownership, especially in an older home.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Belated 4TH of July!!

Since I was just called to be the activities chairperson in our ward my first activity was to do the food for the annual 4th of July Pancake Breakfast. I don't know what I was stressing out for. I had so many people help me and the whole thing I think was a huge success. We planned food for 350 people and I think we ended up with close to that amount. After the breakfast, we went down to San Juan Bautista for a family BBQ & swim. We always have a good time when we are with our extended family for Holidays. We did miss Samuel & James and can't wait until Tuesday when they get home!!! After a lot of yummy food, swimming, and being with cousins, we went to Hollister and stayed overnight with my Sis-in-law's family. Kendall had a lot of fun with the poppers and sparklers and even stayed awake to enjoy the firework show at the Middle School in town. We had a great 4th of July!! We love our family and are so happy that we got to spend the Holiday with so many of them!!The Scout Troop performed the flag ceremony before the Breakfast, Cameron played his Trumpet as part of the ceremony. I wish I got pictures or video of it but I was busy in the kitchen and Shelby had my camera so this is what she got!Kendall and Jacob are a year apart, so they get along great with each other and they had so much fun exploring together.Cameron supervising Kendall with the Sparklers.

Staying awake for the very last of the fireworks was tough but Kendall made it.