Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hannah Montana Mania!!

What do you get when you mix preteens with Hannah Montana? A whole lot of Screaming!! Last night Shelby and I and our friends went to see the Hannah Montana concert/movie in 3-D. We thought we should get there early so that we could get good seats and be able to sit together. It was a good plan because the show ended up being sold out, lucky for us we bought our tickets in December on Fandango!! The girls were very excited for this show. There were several girls that came dressed like Hannah Montana, wig and all. We didn't seem to get the same memo that they did. Oh well, maybe next time.
The neat thing about the show was that we got behind the scenes footage of Miley Cyrus before her concert. And watching her make-up artists and hair people transform her into Hannah. She is a very talented young singer/actress. I don't know if any of you know her music or her Dad(Billy Ray Cyrus) but they have a duet that they sing called Ready Set Don't Go, I love the song and was hoping to see it performed in the show, but only a small part of it during the rehearsal was all we got. It is a song about a child growing up and the parent not quite ready to let go of them. I can relate to that song. Especially because my oldest will be leaving home in the Fall.
After the show we took the girls to a Great Chinese restaurant for dinner. We had a fun girl's (no boy's allowed) night out!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Samuel!!!

I had to post this picture of Samuel in the tub with his Cousin and Cameron, it was just too cute. Plus it is the only picture on my computer of him at a young age I think he is 3.

I can't believe he is 18 now. It doesn't seem possible that he is old enough to Vote and in the Fall go off to BYU-Provo. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments. He worked very hard these past few weeks to get all of the necessary paper work filled out and turned in before his 18th birthday to earn the rank of Eagle in Scouting. We wanted to have a big party tonight for him and all of his friends but he is busy this weekend with the School Musical so we will be celebrating his birthday next weekend instead. I will post pictures then. Samuel is a wonderful Son and Brother. We are so thankful to have him in our famiily. When I think back about his childhood I just remember what a good little boy he always was and still is today. Sure he and Cameron had there moments when they were younger and still do today but for the most part they get along very well with each other. I think that Cameron really looks up to Samuel and is going to miss him when he goes away to school. It has been a Great 18 years so far and I look forward to seeing Samuel continue to grow in his Educational Goals and in the Gospel!! He is a good example to me and to our family. We Love You Samuel, Happy 18th!!!!