Monday, September 21, 2009

Samuel is off to Paraguay!!!

Today Samuel is on his way to Paraguay. I am super excited but the mother in me is nervous. I can't help but to worry about him getting there safely. I just got interrupted while writing this post . Samuel just called from the Salt Lake airport! Of course, I started crying, but I composed myself pretty quickly! He sounds great, he is anxious to get there! There are 19 of them flying to Paraguay together. I guess I can stop worrying now. He said that the pay phones weren't being cooperative, but there was a Ward Mission Leader there so he let Samuel use his phone to call home (thanks Bro. Smith). He has a lay over in Texas and from there he flies to
Argentina and then to Paraguay. He said that he will call back when he gets to Texas:)
These are just a few of the pictures Samuel has sent home so far. I am hoping that he sends pictures often so that i can post them. Study time

Taking a pic of himself in the mirror

Elders Ison, Batistich, Wright and Lau

I am so happy that I got to talk to Samuel today:) I thought this might be an emotional day for me with him actually leaving the country today. It really helped to be able to hear his voice. I am so Proud of him. He is going to be a great missionary! I look forward to getting his emails and hearing about the missionary work and how his Spanish is improving, and how his Love of the Gospel is helping to bring others unto Christ.


Terry said...

How exciting! I loved the "bonus" phone calls from the airport!

Donna said...

How wonderful for you all! What a great example he is setting for his brothers and sisters!

Kris said...

How exciting for you and your family. Samuel will be a great missionary. I'm sure as a mom it's hard--my time is coming sooner than I think. Scary thought!

The Fear Fam said...

Go Samuel! :)