Monday, August 31, 2009

Kaelyn's Stats

At Kaelyn's 6 month check up in July, she had only gained about 4oz. since her 4 mo. check up. So her doctor had us start adding formula to her cereal and supplementing my breast milk with formula. Her weight in July was only 13lbs. 12 oz. She went from being in the 52% for weight down to 14% for weight. Now a month later, I am happy to report that she has gained 3lbs. We had a weight check appointment with her doctor today. Her weight is now 16lbs.2.8oz.

Kaelyn is such a happy baby! She is sleeping thru the night finally, and I think it is because she isn't starving anymore! She has learned how to crawl, which is driving Kendall crazy, because now he has to keep his little legos up off of the floor, or in his room.

We love our little Kaelyn, and are so happy that she is healthy.


Gilbert Family said...

such a little cutie!!!

Annie said...

I can't believe Kaelyn is crawling!! She is such a sweetie!

Donna said...

How adorable! She is really an early crawler -- she must want to keep up with everyone.