Sunday, April 20, 2008

Biography Day

This past week in Shelby's 5th grade class the students presented speeches on important historical figures before 1880. When Shelby got the assignment last month, I was surprised that she wanted to do her project on Joseph Smith. We found a book at the Beehive Bookstore that was an easy read for a fifth grader, in fact it is a great book that we have now added to our own family library. For the assignment the students had to write a speech and then present the speech dressed as their person. They had to have at least one prop. Shelby brought a Book of Mormon and we printed out pictures from our family trip to the Smith Family farm and Sacred Grove. The Church website had a picture of Carthage Jail w/a statue of Joseph and Hyrum that we also used. This was a fun project for Shelby to work on. She really liked reading her book and learning more about Joseph Smith. I am proud of her for choosing such a Great Historical Figure who did so much for us, like it says in the Doctrine & Covenants: "Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Seer of the Lord, has done more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of man that ever lived in it." (D&C 135:3)


Cindy Thomas said...

Nice job Shelby!

Annie said...

She looks so cute. I'm sure it was very interesting for her to get to know the prophet a little better.

DebLawson said...

Awesome! That would be a common person to do a report on around here, but in CA!? What a good little missionary she is! Good job, Shelby!