Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter Ball

So, last night was the Winter Ball at the High School. Samuel and a friend decided that they wanted to make dinner for their dates at our house and then head to the dance. I asked him several times during the week if they wanted help, but he would just say everything is under control. Well Saturday morning, I asked again if there was anything I could do to help, I offered to cook, James offered to act as waiter, but Samuel said no. I asked if he knew what the menu was, He said no. Well James and I left to go to the Temple we said we'd be back in plenty of time for their dates. I am very proud of Samuel. He and Dan went to the store, bought a Salmon and came home to cook. He even got Cameron to clean up the house and do the dishes. When James and I got home the table was set for all of us to sit down and eat. We laughed a little bit then James got a table and set it up in the Living Room with Candles and put on some quiet music so that they could eat alone without younger siblings and parents bugging them. Well the meal turned out very nice, the boys did a great job making the Salmon. They even had French Bread and Mashed Potatoes to go along with it. The girls seemed very happy with everything. When Samuel got home last night I asked how it was. He said he had fun, but the dance was Different. This was his first time going to a School dance. I wonder if he will go to the Prom in the Spring. We will just have to wait and see.


Jyll said...

Okay, I still can't believe he's old enough to date? What happened to that little 11 year old when I moved into the ward???? I guess you know he'll do fine on his mission. He'll at least be able to make salmon for him and his companion.:)

You've Got Mail said...

You've raised him well girl! What a responsible young man!