Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Jared!!

On Sunday we went out to Livermore to help celebrate my nephew's 1st birthday!! We always love to get together with the cousins. It was especially fun to share our news with my family. I hadn't told anyone in my family except for my Dad, I told him a month ago. I finally told my Mom the day before getting together with everyone. Everyone was quite surprised! This baby will be the 25th Grandchild on my side of the family and the 24th grandchild on James' side. Kendall loves playing with his cousins, but most of all, he loves Madalen. In fact once when we were driving out to Livermore to see family, Kendall said "I Love Madalen and Carmen" So I asked "Do you love Mommy and Daddy?" K: "No, I just love Madalen and Carmen!"

Jared loved his cake! Cameron asked if for his birthday next year, he could sit on the table and dig in with his fingers and toes like Jared got too!!

One highlight of the night was when the kids asked grandpa if they could sit in his car and pretend to drive. Now, my Dad Loves Loves Loves his BMW! I don't even think he has let anyone else drive it besides him, but he did let the the kids (who wanted to) sit and pretend!!! Shelby loved it! Thanks Grandpa for the fun!!


DebLawson said...

Fun family b-days!! That Jared sure is a big boy! So cute.

I bet everyone was super surprised at your exciting news!! Funny...

Diana said...

This has nothing to do with the birthday party... (sorry Jared!)I just miss you Lori. I just wanted to say Hi! "Hi" ( I also stole the vote marriage ad. You'll have to visit my blog. Love ya!