Saturday, August 23, 2014

Highlights of our Summer

It's hard to believe that the kids have been back in school for a week now.  Where did our summer go?
I'd like to think we had a fun summer, although we didn't go on any family vacations we did have fun spending time with each other.

We enjoyed a week at Fort Benito's Cub Scout Day Camp. This was Kendall's 2nd yr. and I volunteered as the Athletics leader, Shelby volunteered in the kiddie corral and Kaelyn went along as a kiddie corral attendee.  It was a long and busy week, but very fun! The highlight was the family picnic at the end of the week when all of the different dens shared skits or songs.

Kendall turned 9! He is a huge Lego fan and has also started getting into Pokemon. I made him a Lego table but I have decided that it is too small and he needs a bigger one, so maybe for Christmas.

Next up in our Summer of fun, was our boating trip with friends on the 4th of July.

Shelby goes to EFY
This year Shelby went to EFY in Santa Barbra. She drove down with friends and they had a great time! It was a fun road trip for these 4. I love that she has such wonderful friends! She was even able to see Randi, who was in a different age group this year.
Gotta love Free Slurpee day!
We did a lot of Swimming!
Both Kendall and Kaelyn had swim lessons this summer, so we made sure to do a lot of swimming!

We even hit the Beach!
Shelby's last year of Girl's Camp has come and gone. I was very sad that I never had the chance to go to camp with Shelby. But I did get to drive up to Camp Ritchie on the last day to drive the girls home.
Shelby celebrated her 17th birthday at camp this year. The Cookies were kind enough to bake her a cake to help her celebrate!

A week later we celebrated Shelby's birthday at the beach with a bon-fire. The kids roasted hot dogs and made S'mores.
So, there you have it our Summer of fun has come to and end. Now we are back to schedules, homework and stricter bedtimes, but our fun times will continue! I Love these people I call mine!