Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Crucible

Last weekend, Cameron was in the play "The Crucible" at Branham. He played the role of John Proctor. He had a very intense part to play. He wasn't very nice either! He cheated on his wife and he had a very bad temper. He got to push girls around and grab their hair. I was not proud of his character, but I was very proud of Cameron for his performance. He is another great actor in our family! In the end he is repentant. He shows a broken heart and a contrite spirit. His final scene was incredible, many were brought to tears by his confession. Cameron did an Awesome job!
Here he is with his good friend Dustin, who played the Reverend.And this is Michaela, she played his wife.

Gotta love Grandpa Cortez, he has always been so supportive of our kids and their many activities. Cameron's next performance will be in December. He is going to be Charlie in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." He is staying very busy with school, plays, church activities and lacrosse. Keep up the good work Cameron, we are proud of you!


Granny said...

Congratulations Cameron! We would have loved to see the play. What happened to his hand?!


The Fear Fam said...

Wow! Congrats to Cameron! We thought he did a great job when we saw him in Footloose. I'm sure he'll make a great Charlie as well.

We hope all is well with your sweet family and the ward. We miss everyone out there in SJ!

Meghan said...

Dude, congratulations on all your accomplishments. I have to say that I'm really missing you young men and your outstanding babysitting skills. Continue on your path to greatness, you rock!!


PS Andrew Walter is still the best quarterback the Raiders have had this decade.