Monday, November 9, 2009

Cute Story

We have been making a recording to send to Samuel. At dinner or just hanging out we set up the recorder to record our conversations and talk to Samuel. Last night at dinner we had it on and asked Kendall if he wanted to say anything to Samuel. He was a little confused, we told him to just talk. Anyway, the phone rang and James was talking for a minute and then hung up. Kendall started crying and said he wanted to talk to Samuel. He thought that it was Samuel on the phone. I started to cry when I saw how broken hearted he was that he couldn't talk to his big brother. I am really looking forward to Christmas so that we all can talk to Samuel on the phone!


Emma and Dan said...

Awwwww! So sweet. Poor Kendall got his hopes up. It will be wonderful to talk to him at Christmas.

Synergy Chef Collaborative said...

Lori,Wonderful to read about your family experiences! I have a new business partner who is joining the team here at The Art of Food! Her name is Brooke Preston. One of my first impressions of her reminded me a LOT of You. I am excited to have discovered your Blog to show her.

Thank You again for your wonderful writing.
Cousin Richard