Monday, November 26, 2007

The Cortez Family Thanksgiving

Cindy, Marnie, Michelle, Robin, Cindy, Me, Katie and Lynn

Russ, Rod, Rob, Ryan, Dad, Ron, Rich, Wade, James(hiding) and Philip

Enjoying the Delicious food and Great conversation

Waiting for pictures

This was a great Thanksgiving! We had 45 people at our house this year. All 7 of my siblings and their families, my dad and his wife and her son, my mom and an old friend of the family. It was a little crazy and loud but it was great being together. The weather was perfect! We had tables set up outside. The cousins had a lot of fun playing across the street at the park. On Friday we had family pictures taken. That was amusing! It was fun trying to get the little ones smiling and happy all at once. I think it was nap time for most of them! I also think some of the adults could have used a nap. After pictures we had dinner(adults only) out to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday!! I can't believe he is 70, he definitely doesn't look it!! I hope I age like him!! It was so great having everyone together!!


Holly said...

How fun to see the pictures of all of you! I haven't seen your brothers for years...well, I'd see Russ and Michelle when we lived in the same ward in Springtown. What a neat Thanksgiving!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Your dad definitely doesn't look 70! You all must have had so much fun. It's great seeing all the photos you've posted. Cindy (at Rosehaven Cottage)

Annie said...

What a fun Thanksgiving! I forgot you were having such a housefull. Isn't it nice that we live someplace where everyone can go OUTSIDE and eat and play and get out of the way!

Meghan said...

How great to have your whole family there! Thank goodness for the park - yes?!

Kelly Drake said...

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