Friday, November 2, 2007

Here we go...

Everyone else is doing this so why not me. I can't promise that i will be consistent but i will try my best. This is a great way to keep our friends and family posted on what's happening with our family. It seems to me that the kids our growing fast (way to fast). Samuel is a Senior and already applying to College. He has been very busy with School and having fun acting. He just finished doing Shakespeare at the High School. Now he is working on High School Musical. It is performed by the teachers and staff at Branham, and directed by the Drama class. As for Cameron, he is a Sophomore. It is hard to believe that will we have another driver in the family next year. He is just about finished with his Driver's Ed class at school. Then it is on to Driver's Training. Cameron is our Lacrosse player! But this season he had to sit on the sidelines, all games are on Sundays. Meanwhile he is trying out for Soccer at Branham. He will start Lacrosse again in January, when the games will be on Saturdays. Shelby is in 5th grade. She is finishing up her second season of Volleyball with the USYVL. Maybe i will finally get a volleyball player in my family. She is playing the flute with the school band. This is her 2nd year, and seems to enjoy it. I can't believe she will be in middle school next year. Kendall is 2, but tells people he is 4. He wants to go to school like his brothers and sister. So for now he goes with me to the gym and plays in the nursery there. Maybe in January i will enroll him in pre-school. Kendall keeps me going. He loves going to the park and thinks because we live across the street from a park it is his own personal park.
Wow this is long! i guess if anyone gets bored you could just stop reading and look at someone else's blog.
Anyway, after 9 months of unemployment James is now working. The company is Plan Ready and they are located in Morgan Hill. He is the Vice-President of Business Developement and Marketing. This company makes software to help companies and government agencies do emergency prepardeness planning and help risk management.
I have been staying busy chasing Kendall, Coaching Shelby's volleyball team, and driving kids around when Samuel or James weren't available. I also play drop-in volleyball on Thursday nights. I'm a counselor in ward young women.


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