Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eagle Scout & Lacrosse

We had a very busy, but fun weekend this past week. Samuel had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Friday night and Cameron's Lacrosse team made it to the finals which were on Saturday. First the Court of Honor: It was great to have family and friends come and spend the evening with us to celebrate his accomplishments in scouting. The only bummer was that James had been in Oregon on business and his flight was delayed, so he got there just in time for refreshments, and to take Samuel & Cameron to see Speed Racer. For Samuel's Eagle project he made benches up at Camp Ritchie for the repelling rock.
On Saturday I went to Cameron's Lacrosse game. His team did great in the season and made it to the playoffs. The game was a very tough match. It was a close game the entire time but it ended sadly for Cameron's team in overtime 10 to 9. Cameron was a little upset, they had beat this team in their regular season so to lose to them in the playoffs was upsetting to them. The team blames the Refs. Cameron is the one in the long blue socks. I have been wanting to cut Kendall's hair for a while now. So for FHE last night James cut Kendall's hair. We asked him if he wanted to look like Cameron and Samuel with their short hair. He thought his hair was fine. He didn't want it cut. He likes it now that it is done.
He definitely looks like Cameron. Sorry Samuel!


Emma and Dan said...

Kendall is such a cutie. Haircuts always make little boys look so grown up all of a sudden. That picture with him and Cameron is too funny. They look so much alike!
Congrats to Samuel! We got his graduation announcement last week. Is he excited for college? I remember that when high school ended I was sad, but ready to move on. :)