Wednesday, June 18, 2008

20 Years Ago Today!!!

It is hard for me to believe that James & I have been married for 20 yrs. This is a big one! So to celebrate we are thousands of miles apart. James left yesterday on a 3+ week business trip. I am sad that we aren't together but I am happy that he is getting paid to travel. Hopefully he will rack up the frequent flyer miles and we can go on a Cruise to the Caribbean again.

I looked thru our wedding pictures to scan the best photos of us to post. It is so funny to see how much we have changed. I had huge hair, but it was the 80's!

At our reception James & I had planned on being very nice with the cake, so after James gave me cake first(very nicely) it was my turn to give him a bite(nicely). Well, I have 6 brothers who were all egging me on so I took the cake and smeared it on his face. In this picture, James is reaching to get some more cake to smash on me. When we were done it was in my hair and on my dress.

It has been a great 20 yrs. with James. We have had some great times together and I look forward to a whole lot more. He is a great Father to our children, it is fun to see him and the boy's quote lines from their favorite movies or tv shows. Our kids got his crazy sense of humor, and out going personality and I am so glad that they did!! It is never a dull moment at our house with each of them trying to out do the other and to make James laugh. James is a great Husband. He puts up with my moods, my nagging and my endless bugging him to help me with computer stuff. I am so thankful that I have him and that we can be together forever, so what's 3 weeks, I can handle being a part that long when I know that he is mine for Eternity! I still miss you James, Come Home Soon!


The Fear Fam said...

Congratulations on 20 years together. That's awesome!


Dave & Jami said...

Hap-hap-HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Congratulations on 20 years! Wow! You guys are great!

Hartley Family said...

WOW! Now that's a tear jerker! Sorry you're apart but that eternity thing sure helps huh! Congrats on a fabulous 20 years. LOVE THE PICS TOO!

DebLawson said...

Happy 20 years!!!!


Was Gene at your reception? :)