Monday, June 16, 2008

Shelby's Week in Review!!

On Monday June 9th with just 45 min. left in the school day I got a phone call from the school Secretary telling me that Shelby had fallen and hurt her arm. I took her to Kaiser for X-rays, her pediatrician said it looked broken but wanted her to be seen in Orthopedics the next morning. So she had her nurse splint it and we went home. Sure enough it was a buckled fracture in her right arm, she chose a red cast. The bummer of breaking your arm if you are a 5th grader at Bagby is missing out on the swimming at the end of year pool party. She still had fun doing karaoke, the limbo, and hula hoop contest. Well Shelby did it again, she made the Principal's Honor Roll. We are so proud of her! Here she is with her BFF and fellow Honor Roll recipient Sydney! A few weeks ago I received a letter from the School District office letting us know that Shelby was named District Student of the Month for Bagby Elementary along with 5 other students from the other schools in the District. So, on Tues. 10th James & I told Shelby we were taking her out for a surprise to celebrate her making the Honor Roll the night before. Her first thought was that we were taking her to see KungFu Panda. When we drove up to the School District Office she asked where we were. James told her we were sending her to a Boarding School and had to sign her up. She was a little nervous. When she saw her teacher she wondered what she was doing there. Well to make this short, she was very happy and relieved when her name was read as District Student of the Month for Bagby!! Way to go Shelby!!

Ms. Landsberg (teacher) & Mrs. Kimpel (principal)

It is hard to believe that Shelby will be in middle school this Fall. Although she will miss the teachers at Bagby she is excited to move up to Price Middle School. She has a lot of friends and loves making new friends, so I think she will be just fine, it's me I'm worried about.


Jyll said...

Congratulations Shelby!! Too bad about the broken arm though!

Dave & Jami said...

Good work Shelby!