Monday, June 16, 2008

Samuel's Graduation Party!

Samuel is officially a High School Graduate. He Graduated on Thursday June 12th. I was very happy that the whole ceremony only lasted 1hr and 15 min. It was perfect. We had a party planned to begin at 7pm, with food from our favorite restaurant and a climbing wall. The food was to be picked up at 6:30 and the climbing wall was to arrive at our house at 6:30 also. We let Cameron stay home with Kendall to greet the climbing wall people. James was able to escape the crowds in time to pick up the food. The party was great! We had tons of food and everyone loved the climbing wall!! Even Kendall got to try it out. They had a special harness for little ones. Besides the people at our party, we had several neighbors come over and try out the wall!! I have been told that what you do for one child you have to do the same for the next, I don't think Cameron will complain if we keep the tradition of a climbing wall at Graduation Parties. In fact I don't mind that tradition, I had a so much fun climbing also, but for some reason no one took a picture of me while I did it, Oh well. Shelby didn't let a broken arm stop her from climbing. We had a great time and we're so happy with all of the friends and family that came to show their support to Samuel! We are so proud of his accomplishments!! I am so excited to have him go to BYU in the fall, We will miss him, but he is going to have so much fun!!
Good Luck Samuel, We Love You!!


Jyll said...

Wow! A high school graduate, congratulations Samuel! Where did the time go, Lori?

Dave & Jami said...

Congrats Samuel!! We had a great time at your graduation party.

DebLawson said...

Congratulations, Samuel!
Can't believe he is off to college, I remember him when he was little guy!
The party looked amazing! Great job! How fun.
I can't believe you guys are old enough to have a son done with high school!