Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Kendall!!

Three years ago Kendall joined our family kicking and screaming!! I remember that day so vividly. He just didn't want to come out. He was my most difficult and longest labor. I thought Samuel's was bad after 24hrs of labor and then an emergency C-section. That was nothing!! Kendall was just stubborn. After about 36 hrs and what seemed like forever of pushing he was finally here. We love our little Kendall and are so happy to have him in our Family!!
Saturday evening I took Kendall to get his Birthday pictures taken. He was looking forward to it, until we got there. He didn't want to do anything the photographer wanted him to do. He wanted to do his own thing. Well the session went better than I had thought, the photographer got some really cute shots of him. We celebrated Kendall's birthday with my brother Ron's family and my mom. As you can see in this picture James was able to Skpe in and join the party. Kendall loves his cousins and was so happy that Madalen and Carmen were able to come. Thanks guys for celebrating with us!!
Happy Birthday Kendall, We Love You I love this picture of Kendall with Carmen and Madalen. Just ignore Cameron, He is always being goofy, and he wonders why we don't have any good pictures of him.


KT said...

How cute! The girls LOVED coming to celebrate with Kendall. In fact, they asked if they could come to his 4th b-day party on our way to the car. Now they are asking if they can go to Great America with him since we don't want them riding too many carnival rides at the fair.

John and La Homa said...

I am so glad Jyll had your blog address on her blog! I have wondered how you all are doing!
Here's our blog.. not very exciting but its got a couple of cute shots:)

DebLawson said...

It's great that you guys live so close to the Livermore family.
Happy birthday to your baby!